Event report by the project leader:

COPMOBA and REI sponsored the workday and we had 17 volunteers on Saturday (102 work hours + 4 hours for the cooks = 106 hrs) and 8 volunteers on Sunday (24 hours) for a total of 130 volunteer hours over the weekend. Huge thank you to everybody for there hard work and awesome attitudes. More photos of the trail and work weekend are on the COPMOBA facebook page. Oh Yeah: We had an early morning Bull Moose sighting.

The group of awesome volunteers consisted of:

  • Dan Antonelli (Trail Guru-Coordinator & Designer)
  • Kris Cox (Project Lead)
  • Jason Love (Crew Leader)
  • Denis Grisak
  • Katherine Grisak
  • Alexander Grisak
  • David Chang
  • Jeff Johnson
  • Brooke Beerman
  • Brian Preston (REI)
  • Ace Brown
  • Craig Madsen
  • Melissa Chang
  • Josh Davis (REI)
  • Dave Grossman (BOB Trailed in Tools)
  • Kevin Sperle
  • Jason Blanchard rode in to trail head.

We built 3/4 miles of amazing trail along the rim of the Grand Mesa through Black Timber, Aspen Stands, Flower Filled Meadows with views of Delta County Valley, West Elk Mountains and San Juan Mountains. Crew staged about 500 ft from the Flowing Park Road FS Rd. 109 in the meadow off FS Road 109D and we shuttled tools in the 1/4 mile to trail head and then walked in 1/2 mile
before we started building in the black timber for about 200 yards and then popped out to one of many views.

We ate lunch along the rim before winding our way back in and out of the trees and open meadows. We finished up the work day with an awesome feast provided by Doug Killerud and family.

-Kris Cox


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