We’ve started a construction of a great new trail on the east end of the Grand Valley!

Over the course of the weekend the volunteer trail builders together with BLM officers made modest but steady progress building highly technical single track near the town of Palisade. Twelve outdoor enthusiasts spent their Saturday moving large rocks and dirt in the heat of the Summer. Many of them joined the crew on Sunday August 28 bringing total turnout for that day to eighteen trail builders.

Because of the natural features and the topology of the area the construction required a lot of labor intensive rock work and trail reinforcement.

When completed the trail promises to be a new Grand Valley’s signature ride with spectacular views, challenging grades and exciting technical moves.

The new trail project is the result of productive cooperation between the trail enthusiasts organized under COPMOBA and local land managers. The event was sponsored by Rapid Creek Cycles.

Join us next time to bring this great new trail closer to reality. In exchange for your effort you will be rewarded with friendly company and sense of trail ownership. There are also food, beverages and giveaways for participants. For the list of upcoming events please check out COPMOBA’s event calendar.

Important Note

Palisade Rim trail is work in progress. It is not yet ready for recreational traffic. Using it at this time poses serious safety threats and can also damage the relations between involved parties. For that reason I’m not posting directions and GPS track. The complete description will be available in the trails section when this project is completed.

Nov 13, 2011 Update

The trail is now open for recreational traffic. See the post about recent Palisade Rim work event.

Your questions and comments regarding Palisade Rim construction are very welcome in the feedback section below.

4 Responses to Palisade Rim Construction

  1. Chris Muhr says:

    Great summary on the Trail work Denis. Thanks for all the hard work you and your family have put in to our trail system. It’s people like you that make this area such a beautiful place to live and ride.
    Happy Trails,

  2. denis says:

    You’re too generous, Chris. In my case I consider it more of the self-serving.

  3. Kris Cox says:

    Thanks for taking photos and presenting them in such a professional manner. Enjoyed working with you once again and watching you move big rocks. Thanks for not posting the trail info yet, trail needs some more polish before it is really ready to ride.

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